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In Creating Deliberate Happiness: The Complete Guide, author Antoinette encourages and supports you in your journey toward powerful change and personal transformation. She shows how you can expand your possibilities of self-empowerment and joy by describing spiritual principles along with practical techniques-journaling, meditation, and affirmations-that can help change any illusions of deficiency into a strong sense of deservedness and self-worth.

She addresses not only the psychology of change, but also your inherent spiritual nature. She invites you to tap into your habits of thought, and then, through introspection and practice, bring about fundamental shifts in consciousness. When such an essential transformation occurs, you can integrate your human and divine natures, becoming whole, free and happy – deliberately.

Spurrier devotes whole chapters, including practical exercises, to such themes as Your Dual Nature, Creativity, Deservedness, Affirmations, Manifestation, Abundance and Prosperity, Friendship and Love. She offers:

  1. An opportunity for you to reassess, this trend and deepen your spiritual life without religious dogma or limiting ideas.

  2. Spiritual techniques of meditation, visualization,  journaling, introspection and especially affirmations, energized by will.

  3. A view of success, health and wealth focused beyond the material to a deeper awareness of your higher nature.

  4. A realistic focus on the power of affirmations to help overcome the negative thoughts and behaviors that confront us when we seek to make lasting change.

  5. Techniques to uproot negative self talk and alter longstanding feelings of worthlessness that sabotage happiness.

  6. An exploration of the limited ego-based consciousness versus the true spiritual nature of man and the power of affirmations, visualizations and meditation to integrate the two.

Creating Deliberate Happiness: The Complete Guide is also the sourcebook for a series of five smaller books that distill its wisdom, practical techniques and effective tools by focusing on single themes. If you're willing to commit to ongoing self-exploration and sustained effort, the Deliberate Happiness series offers a clear, well-lit pathway to lasting happiness.

About Fields of Light

God is

    God is love

        God is light


All that is originates from the Source


It is the origin of our home

    It is the essence

        of who we are


From the light fields

manifestation occurs

From the light fields

love expands

From the light fields

we claim our essence


Creating Deliberate Happiness: The Complete Guide

Creating Deliberate Happiness

The Complete Guide

Stepping Stones to Change

Love: That’s the Heart of It

Empower the Now

Creativity and Abundance

Claiming Your Power and Worth

The Affirmation Handbook

An Energy Charged Path to Growth

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“Illness taught me the importance of Now. The ultimate questions we humans face are ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘Is there more?’ For me, the answer is that we are here to become more aware of who we truly are and of the more that exists. Some of my reflections and ideas I have shared with others are included in Creating Deliberate Happiness. Thank you for joining me in these reflections.”

Antoinette Spurrier

446 pages

Published July 2015 by Antoinette Spurrier