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Personal note from Antoinette Spurrier, Founder, on the inspiration for the foundation’s creation:

“My journey has been a journey of redefining myself and life. My expertise is not in credentials, titles, or academic achievements. Most of my understandings have been acquired through meeting challenges in the journey of living.  Moving through feelings of powerlessness and futility have inspired me to emphasize the importance of integrating both a psychological and spiritual perspective in the efforts to claim self, create deliberate happiness, and accept life as a sacred invitation. 

The evolution of my life and consciousness has now come to the place of sharing ideas with a broader base of fellow travelers. It isn’t about new ideas, nor is it about old ideas in a new package.  It is about emphasizing changes in consciousness through practical, small steps. Real change is not just about inspiration, it is about the implementation of action in practical, small steps.   These ideas have served and will continue to serve. 


Now I invite you to greater self-exploration, self-knowledge, and self-empowerment. Become an advocate for yourself! You are a change-maker that has the ability to create new visions and manifest a new life! 

You are invited to entertain a joy-filled journey of increased self-discovery and self-knowing. A sacred invitation to you is to accept your own sacred invitation to become more empowered in your life.” 

About The Artwork

The beautiful artwork on this website is by Jacqueline Freedman, an artist from Encinitas, California, and is used here with permission.


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